Is the O-Shot® for You?

Do you lack the sensitivity that you used to have during intimacy? Are you just giving up?

Do you leak urine when you cough or sneeze? Or have you stopped running because of the leakage? Maybe you have to go to the bathroom way too often..

Are any of these problems affecting the quality of your life? If the answer is yes, we have an exciting new and improved procedure that repairs and restores your vaginal and clitoral tissue so you can start experiencing life more fully again.

So what will the O-Shot do for you?

While results vary between women, most women report:

• More clitoral sensitivity
• Stronger orgasms
• More frequent orgasms
• Decreased pain for those with painful intercourse
• Less time between trips to the bathroom
• Less or no more urine leakage when they cough or sneeze
• Increased sexual desire
• It’s easier to achieve an orgasm
• More lubrication

Using your own blood you can heal your body. That’s awesome.

Recently, we treated a woman in her 50’s who had to use the bathroom every 15 minutes. It was seriously interfering with her quality of life. After 1 week, she is already able to decrease her visits to the bathroom to every 45 minutes!

Another woman had significant improvement in her incontinence and has been able to run and jump during her exercise without using a pad.

Yet another woman has had improvements in both her vaginal lubrication and sensitivity and is so happy with her results. She told me that she wants her husband to get the P-shot to help with more feeling as well.

Call us to see if you are a candidate and let us help you!
Dr. Rebecca Boyd

About Dr. Rebecca Boyd

Originally from Minnesota, Dr. Boyd began her medical studies at Boston University and then transferred to the University of Southern Mississippi where she completed her undergraduate degree in pre-med, followed by her Masters degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Nutrition. She completed medical school at Kansas City School of Medicine and Bioscience in 2003 and her residency in Family Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia.

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