Leading Hattiesburg Integrative Health Care Providers

We keep moving forward, embarking on new and successful solutions to age-old problems. That is why we are called Forward Health Solutions and are one of Mississippi's fastest-growing integrative health care providers.

Advances in medical science have made it possible for us to offer our patients an alternative to traditional medicine. We specialize in anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine and are continually expanding the options our patients have available to them.

As a new patient, your initial consultation is spent listening to and learning about you so that we are able to design your unique treatment plan. Most treatment plans begin with initial diagnostic tests, a follow-up appointment to discuss your test results, and a treatment plan that is integrative, combining or integrating various therapies. Our goal is to help you move forward on a new path toward achieving optimal health and a higher quality of life.




I was introduced to Dr. Boyd by a neighbor who suffers with migraine headaches. I have done a lot of self study in regards to natural medicine for a period of years and found Dr. Boyd to be a perfect match. I was astonished by her professionalism and knowledge on my first visit. I am a 62 year old man and I have so much energy since beginning the IV treatments. I am back in the gym and have lost 18 lbs! I am very pleased with the entire staff and am proud to call Dr. Boyd my consultant for health.
Sammy P.
Laurel, MS
I came to Forward Health Solutions the summer before I started college because I was worried I wouldn't be healthy enough to succeed. I had a headache almost every day, frequent knee pain and neck pain. I was also very fatigued. The IV treatment and supplements almost cured my headaches and gave me so much more energy and better sleep. I have finished my first semester of college with a 4.0 GPA. Thank you, Dr. Boyd and staff, for all you've done!
Jillian O.
Prentiss, MS