BHRT, specifically pellets, have been used successfully in the United States and Europe since the 1930's. A volume of studies have proven the therapy safe and beneficial to both women and men.

Pellets consist of hormones compounded into very small solid cylinders. They are custom-made by compounding pharmacists and are delivered in sterile glass vials. Pellets deliver a consistent physiologic level of hormones and pellets avoid the hormone level fluctuations seen with all other delivery methods. In patients who have not received desired results from other types of hormone therapy, pellets may prove successful. Most patients feel a difference within a few days, while others take up to a month.

Performed by your practitioner, pellet insertion is a relatively quick and efficient office procedure. Pellets are typically inserted via a small incision in the lower abdominal wall or hip. This is sometimes accompanied by slight discomfort or minor bruising. The pellets do not need to be removed as they will completely dissolve over a few months.