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Clinical Team

Dr. Rebecca A. Boyd, D.O., M.P.H.

>Dr. Rebecca A. Boyd
Dr. Rebecca Boyd is the founder and owner of Forward Health Solutions, a medical clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, specializing in Integrative Medicine.

Originally from Minnesota, Dr. Boyd began her medical studies at Boston University and then transferred to the University of Southern Mississippi where she completed her undergraduate degree in pre-med, followed by her Masters degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Nutrition. She completed medical school at Kansas City School of Medicine and Bioscience in 2003 and her residency in Family Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia, where she first learned about and researched Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Upon graduation, she worked at Lake Serene Clinic for one year, then opened Forward Health Solutions. Since that time, she has become certified in Anti-Aging and is working on her fellowship in Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative medicine.

When FHS first opened, Dr. Boyd primarily treated men and women with hormone imbalances. While she continues to treat hormone imbalances with bioidentical hormones, she now offers her patients access to highly-specialized integrative medicine as well.

Dr. Boyd came to the practice of integrated medicine quite naturally. Over time, she discovered that the confines of traditional medicine did not adequately promote the healing process in a consistently substantive way. Her disillusionment working within the boundaries of traditional medicine led her to research alternative forms of medicine, healing, and maintenance. Dr. Boyd points out, “This is not so much a new age or futuristic look at the practice of medicine. The very foundation of integrative medicine – treating people, not diseases – is a well-documented phenomenon.” She continued, “While the benefits of this approach have been known for years, few of the lessons learned have been incorporated into the actual practices of many doctors.”

Dr. Boyd refused to ignore the positive results her patients achieved. Utilizing a combination of scientific medicine, nutrition, technology, and lifestyle intercession, Dr. Boyd consistently saw patients achieve results the “old” ways never delivered. These observations prompted her to develop a practice that leverages the benefits of medical, technical, and therapeutic advances of the late 20th and 21st centuries.

It’s been said….“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always gotten.” With integrative medicine, your treatment plan will be different….and so will your results!



Tomia Carter, Nurse Practitioner

>Dr. Rebecca A. Boyd
Dr. Rebecca Boyd is pleased to announce the newest addition to our team, Nurse Practitioner Tomia Carter. Tomia joins our practice with more than 17 years of experience in the medical field as well as continued training in the area of integrative medicine. She is licensed as both a Family and a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. In addition, she has been a Nursing Instructor at the University of Southern Mississippi and Jones County Junior College.

As a practitioner, Tomia has created treatment programs for patients using traditional medicine, but has always been very interested in using a more holistic approach. In order to make the transition from traditional medicine to integrative medicine, she has been training under both Dr. Rebecca Boyd, and Dr. Eldred Taylor (author of "Are Your Hormones Making You Sick"), as well as researching alternative ways to treat patients more naturally.

Tomia shares Dr. Boyd's philosophy of working with each patient to treat the entire person, not just their symptoms. Tomia said, "I've witnessed the significant health changes in people who have been treated with more natural methods, and I'm excited to be able to offer this type of care to my patients so they will see the benefits as well." She is married, has six children, and is currently a resident of Ellisville, but will be moving to Petal upon completion of their home.

We are confident you will find Tomia's personality and style to compliment our friendly, warm medical team. She will begin seeing patients at Forward Health Solutions in January 2013.